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REFLECTOR: Re: Door Springs

I have Nat Calvin's door springs on my XL/RG which has been flying since
Aug 8/98.They definitely allow more headroom for passengers entering or
exiting rear seats. However my pilot side cylinder is now barely strong
enough to hold door open in no wind condition. A slight wind will cause
door to close and slam down hard. ( a definite hazard to fingers and toes)
I had checked with Nate and he said that was strongest cylinder available.
I now have a manual hold open bar about 10" long that pivots from front
door frame and engages a hole in fuselage. This bar swings down against
door/window frame when not in use. This bar does two things: prevents door
from closing in almost any wind or taxi condition and provides a second
hold open support at front of door to eliminate door distortion when held
open for long periods such as at air shows. 
One other consideration of short cylinder vs factory cylinder (as noted by
Mark Machado), the short cylinder requires door to be manually lifted up
maybe 1/3 of way before cylinder has power to complete door opening.
Factory cylinder alone can  open door with only slight push from latched
position. Pilot while remaining seated can therefore reach over unlatch and
open right side door. 
Fuselage mounting point is different for short cylinder, so your cylinder
decision needs to be made before that work is done. 
My Sun-N-Fun 100 AirRace Speed was 182.22 knots.
Don White    Whites Lightning   N19DW