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Re: REFLECTOR: Sport Aviation - Velocity

That is a good article on Tim's Velocity. There is also a write up in issue 
number 48 of Contact magazine on his bird.   I hope mine turns out as nice. 
I'm looking forward to hearing more information on the factory's work on the 
NACA scoop cooling. I'd like to incorporate something like that into my V-6 
It sounds like Tim will have some V-6 company at velocity flyins soon, I 
should be done by the end of the year ( dreamer!), Dennis is working away at 
his. I haven't heard much about John Kiss's project lately, at least his is 
rolling under it's own power!  Dennis and I are going full out on the Engine 
( aluminum block, custom crank, rods, fuel system, etc). That should provide 
a pretty good test base for future V-6 Velocity considerators.  
Well, Back to the hangar!
Kurt Winker
173 FGE
4.3L Alum. Chev V-6