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REFLECTOR: Fuselage NACA scoop.

Eung Tai Kim and Kurt Winker were talking about a NACA scoop in the top of 
the fuselage. I presume they were talking about cabin ventilation.

I used the cealing cabin vents and duct supplied by Velocity and installed 
the NACA scoop near the aft end just in front of the firewall. You can cut 
the duct and split it down to a nice point in front just behind the overhead 
swith console. I covered it with vinyl before installing the headliner 
material and it really looks nice.

As you mentioned Kurt, I used an aluminum tube glassed into the bottom of the 
vee shaped duct to a clear plastic tube and down the firewall to exit the 
floor just in front of the firewall.

My plane has been in some pretty good down pours in the Bahamas and here in 
Chattanooga as well. I have never seen it back up and run out of the vents.

I am also happy to report that it gives you a good blast of fresh cool air 
out of all four vents.

This duct also makes for a good place to mount your cabin lights.

Happy building.

Mark Teter
N98TF    Velocity 173RG Elete