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REFLECTOR: elevator balance

The Murphrees and Wayne Owens were talking about elevator balance.

I finished my 173RG Elete in August of 1998 and have logged about 100 hours 
of flight time since.

My experience is that balance of that control surface is very important! 
Flying your plane with the elevator unbalanced will cause flutter. Flutter 
left unchecked can escalate to the point it will cause catastrophic failure 
of the canard/elevator.

We turned all of the weights around including the ones on the outboard ends 
of the elevator. Then we ordered two more to attach in the center.

You can use longer bolts and bolt the additional weights to the existing 
weights. Then you may still need more weight, so add stick on wheel weights 
to the top of these weights. Finally secure these with a hose clamp.

I own and operate a body shop so in the interest of a great paint job my 
control surfaces ended up a little heavier than most. The balancing I 
described worked and the flutter I had during initial test flights was 

Good luck.

Mark Teter
N98TF  173RGE