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Re: REFLECTOR: SVX and Ivo Prop

Hey Lino, 

  Haven't talked to you in a while.  I worked Rick in N570 eastbound after he 
finally got out of Albuquerque with the weather.  Too bad I didn't see him 
while he was in town, but I did get to visit his plane at Double Eagle.  The 
wind was blowing so hard that I had to put his rudder clips back on from half 
way across the ramp. ( April winds in Albuquerque!!)  I talked to him for a 
bit on Frequency from about Clovis to Childress Texas.  He was making a 
comfortable 177-180 Kts at 10K. Seemed a bit high for a Forida boy :) 
  Maybe next time he'll make it out to my place to lend a hand  ( how much do 
you pay him anyway..?) I do have a runway you know..!!
  Call me if you need a hand on your project, I'd love to help out. Rick says 
your engine sounds fantastic!   All I'm doing is working on my own. 
The V-6 is in the works up at Northwest Aero.  I ran up there a few weeks ago 
and looked at my "parts". I have to say, This guy does beautiful work.  About 
the time my Fuel injection is finished from Airflow Performance,  the 
Aluminum V-6 should be ballanced, assembled and waiting.  I should have the 
powerplant by mid-July.  I am also thinking about running an Ivo Magnum,  but 
doubt I can get 76" out of it as my thrust line won't be a high as yours.  I 
wish I could, because I have to do something with 315 HP !! 
  I should be joining the fuselage halves next week.  This week is being 
spent on the final touches on the windows and the upper vent rail. The window 
installation tips in V V worked without a hitch ( almost) . 
Call me if you need me Lino, as long as it's not to sand  ( have too much 
left myself:) 
Happy building all 
Kurt Winker
173 FGE
Chev 4.3L Alum V-6