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Hello group,
I haven't had much to say up to this point, my auto conversion project has been, shall we say a bit of a CHALLENGE! My partner and I are the ones building the 173 RG Elite in Albuquerque with the Subaru SVX engine and an Ivo in-flight adjustable prop. We have an RFI belt drive PSRU turning a 76" prop. Today though, I could see a very cool light  at the end of the tunnel. We started the engine with the prop on it! All I could do was run it at idle as it's still in my shop and it's somewhat difficult to move outside especially at 8:30 in the evening with no one to help except my loving yet somewhat reluctant wife. It started easily and idled smoothly, I could set a glass of water on the strake at idle and not have it fall off. Tomorrow I'll round up some friends push it outside, run it up past idle and see how it does.
How are some of you other builders using SVX engines coming? Is anyone flying or near flying yet?
Rick, thanks again for all your help and advice plumbing the brakes, installing the pedals, and routing the cables. Having the knowledgeable help of someone who's been there done that sure makes things make a lot more sense and go a lot smoother.
SVX Builder in Albuquerque