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Re: REFLECTOR: Re: stainless exhaust length


I knew as soon as I clicked send, that someone would be asking those 
questions. Sorry.

My EMT prop is a true constant speed prop which is controlled by a prop 
governor on a Lycoming LIO360.

My exhaust was made by Scott Swing at Velocity to come straight back and turn 
down at approx. 90 degree angle. I cut the tips off at approx. 45 degrees as 
opposed to straight off and allowed them to extend below the cowl about two 

Each exhaust stack comes in two pieces which have a slip joint between the 
two pipes connected to the heads, these are not to be clamped or welded 
because they are for expansion and contraction of the pipes. This is supposed 
to stop the problems of exhaust cracking. So far so good, no cracks have 
developed in mine.

We purchased some heat shield wrap for the exhaust and installed it per the 
instructions. My advise is don't fool with this, it only lasted about 50 
hours of flight, then it started to decompose and fall off. 

I am running about 60 degrees C in the engine compartment. On a normal temp 
day of approximately 15 to 20 degrees C outside air temp. That measurement is 
taken from the upper right hand corner of the cowl area next to the firewall.

I also recommend making your armpit scoops a bit larger than per the manual. 
This may slow you down a knot or two but the better cooling pays off. I also 
highly recommend the plenum chamber for cooling.

We took our induction air out of the same scoop as the right side cooling air 
in stead of building an additional scoop.


Mark Teter
N98TF   173RGE