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Re: REFLECTOR: Starter

At 10:57 PM 4/26/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Gilles & Denise Gratton wrote:
>> Hi again,
>>           Sorry to annoy everyone with my starter question.  I came home,
>> had a coffee while thinking about a way to remove the starter on my
>> Franklin, had a idea, went back to the airport and it worked.  I just
>> removed the 3 small bolts and the two long ones that hold the starter motor
>> on its base, easily removed that part with the attached solenoid then
>> removed the base plate from the engine.
>Do you have the Sky-Tec Starter? It has 2 long bolts and 2 small bolts,
>with no 
>attached solenoid? Do you have an MT-Prop? I got the vacuum pump on the
>accessory pad without removing the engine.
>Carl Hoffman, RG Elite +

    I have a no-name starter that I bought from Atlas Motors.  My engine is
close enough to the firewall that I cannot remove the starter once the
engine is bolted on the engine mount.  I have just an inch of clearance
between the starter and the firewall. The starter is only about 6 in. long
from the face of the flange but the lenght of the pinion gear prevent me
from turning it sideways once it is unbolted from the engine studs. 
      However if I separate the motor and solenoid (they come as one unit)
from the base plate, then I can remove it first then remove the base plate
with no problem.  It is better than having to lift the engine especially if
all the lines and wiring is already connected and safetied. 
      It turned out that my starter needed a new set of brushes and it is
now running fine.  
       So I finally started my engine this afternoon.  It started like a
charm but I had another snag, an oil leak at the bottom gasket on the fuel
pump.  Tightening the screws around the pump did not resolve the problem so
the pump will have to come off tomorrow for further examination. This is a
factory pump from PZL.
Has anyone experienced a similar problem on them?  What`s the fix. 
        I have a homebuilt prop that I am anxious to test (if I can finally
get that engine to run). I will give more details later if it works. 

Cheers,     Gilles Gratton,   173 FG