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Re: REFLECTOR: Re: stainless exhaust length

>Fine Points of Exhaust Exit
>Aiming the exhaust outward from the cowling causes drag........  So, if
>possible, you'd like to have the exhaust exit rearward, and near the root of
>the prop blades where they aren't doing much anyway.
>Of course it is not always convienent, and there may be other
>considerations; like heating of the prop.

Good points, Al. Here are two more:

I am going to change my exhaust from forward- to rear facing for the
reasons you give plus one more: when the exhaust goes forward it has more
opportunity to heat things that should stay cool like the cables that
operate the throttle and the mixture.

With a six cylinder engine and a three bladed prop it should be posible to
mount the prop in such a way that the main blast of every exhaust stroke
goes between the blades. The same goes for 4 jugs and two (or four <g>)
blades. That way over-heating of the blades shouldn't be an issue.

I have not done that yet, so I have no personal experience, but others have.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland