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Re: REFLECTOR: Starter

Gilles & Denise Gratton wrote:
> Hi again,
>           Sorry to annoy everyone with my starter question.  I came home,
> had a coffee while thinking about a way to remove the starter on my
> Franklin, had a idea, went back to the airport and it worked.  I just
> removed the 3 small bolts and the two long ones that hold the starter motor
> on its base, easily removed that part with the attached solenoid then
> removed the base plate from the engine.

Do you have the Sky-Tec Starter? It has 2 long bolts and 2 small bolts,
with no 
attached solenoid? Do you have an MT-Prop? I got the vacuum pump on the
accessory pad without removing the engine.

Carl Hoffman, RG Elite +