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REFLECTOR: Battery contactor temperature

During a tech counselor inspection, we discovered that my battery contactor
felt pretty warm when its master switch was on (engine not running - don't
have one yet). I later measured it at 135 F, regardless of load on the
battery. After moving the battery to the other contactor, it also measured
135 F after being on for about 10 minutes. (I have dual batteries,
contactors, and master switches.) These contactors are Stancor 70-914, with
nominal coil resistance of 16 ohms at 12 volts, rated at 80 amps continuous.
Voltage measurements across the contactor coil, master switch, and wiring
indicate there's about 0.8 amps flowing, which is about what I think it
should be.

So my questions are: 1) Has anybody else measured contactor temperature?
and, 2) Should I be worried about this?

Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

 - Chuck