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Re: REFLECTOR: NACA air scoop design / No ARMPITS ?

Sorry for not getting back sooner Chris.

This was stated at the Velocity Dinner by Scott.  I'm kicking myself for
not getting up on a chair and taking some pictures of the scoops...
currently on the SUV prototype. 

--Jeff Barnes, XL-RG embryo

CBrock5000@aol.com wrote:
> i was unable to attend sun-n fun, could you (or someone else) expand on this
> email:
> ".....If this works out it will eliminate arm pit scoops, free up room in
> lower cowl, make plane go faster (?), maybe make room for small turbocharger
> (?).  Factory to provide retrofit plans (?)....."
> was this stated at a meeting, or ideas being bounced around between builders.
> thank you.
> chris brock xl-rg