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Re: REFLECTOR: Virus is a hoax.....see attached info.....

Hi all,

Maybe the Jesus virus is a hoax, but Chernobal virus isn't. My friend below 
works in the computer department at Cornell and just sent this out as a 
warning. Also read page B8 of 4/22/99 Wall Street Journal for more info. 
Chernobal looks to make Melissa out as a school girl by comparison.

Dale Alexander

And it has nothing to do with that other thing that happens this coming
Monday.  Be warned, this one is for real.  When I said Melissa was really
over-hyped I meant it, you'll see why when you read this article.  The good
news is that any recently updated antivirus package will most probably find
it and fix it.  Be sure to scan your machines this Sunday.

A new version of CIH virus is coming Monday -- and this one is worse.