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Re: REFLECTOR: NACA air scoop design


You can get NACA scoop design information from the NASA web page 
(WWW.NASA.gov).  Go to the technical database and enter the key words NACA 
scoop.  A lot of the NACA information (although dating back a few years) is 
available in full text.

Also, a few good articles in previous months of Kitplanes by Barnaby Winfran 
(I think that is how you spell his last name) covered the placement of inlet 

Yes, placing the inlet scoop on the bottom exiting to the top or sides is the 
better way (i.e., high pressure to low pressure), but other considerations 
are equally important (such as keeping the air flow from separating (i.e., 
turbulent flow).  In fact, I believe that is why a lot of Velocities have oil 
cooling problems.  In other words, the 90 degree bend immediate following the 
oil core causes flow separation which greatly reduces its efficiency.  People 
have made up for this by installing another oil cooler or larger lines, but 
this adds more drag which is unnecessary if the design was better.  You could 
increase the efficiency of the one oil cooler by fabricating vanes to keep 
the air from separating while turning 90 degrees (of course at a slight 
increase in drag).

Just my humble opinion . . . 

Jack Davis
N767SD Std RG Elite