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Re: REFLECTOR: NACA air scoop design, strake

From:           	Peter Beaty <PETER.J.BEATY@usa.dupont.com>

> Bill, thanx for the reference.  You should see the replies I'm getting pro
> & con NACA vs. armpit scoops.

Speaking of NACA scoops...

Supposedly NACA scoops don't work in low pressure areas and the area 
that the scoops are being put into is a low pressure area -

But, has anyone really checked to see if it that area on top and just ahead of 
the firewall _is_ low pressure? I mean, by the body shape, it should be, but 
the prop may be greatly influencing the flow across the rear of the aircraft.

Would a tuft test tell, or would it only tell if we have attached/detached flow?

For a water cooled installation, NACA's on the bottom might be a good 
alternative to a P-51 style scoop.

David Parrish