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Re: REFLECTOR: Fusalage

Ron wrote: 

When my kit came it has a hole drilled in the nose but is not in the right
place according to the manual .The hole should be 1 IN. from the front of the
plane. the hole that is there is only about 5/8 inch away.There is a marked spot one
the nose of the fuselage 1 in away. But if I use the  hole that is 1 in away
the canard bulk head has to be forced in to position(Springing the fuselage).
It wants to be about 1/2 back from where it should be according to the manual.
which would be closer to the original hole.
So Do I mount the engine bulk head and gear bulk head  and instrument panel bulk head according to the
1 inch setting and the canard to the 1/2 setting or do I just set every thing to the
original hole and amend the manual
I don't think that the hole being 3/8" forward or back is any concern as long as you use it consistently.  In my case I was more concerned with the fact that the hole was about 1/4" off center.  Probably the best approach is to do some measurements at a few point along the fuselage to find the best centerline, and then place you bulkheads perpendiculr to that line at the correct distances from the nose.
As far as you canard bulkhead "springing" your fuselage; you can either trim it a bit, or spring the fuselage a bit.  I carefully followed the manuals instructions not to let the bulkhead force the fuselage out, only to find that when I put the top on it was nearly a full inch wider at that point than the bottom. And the top is not very flexible in that area.  So you may want to check the top before you put the canard bulkhead in.
Hope this helps.
Al Gietzen  RGE