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REFLECTOR: Re: Seat Foam

>From:           	Peter Beaty 

> Did you consider using a combination of this foam with a layer of
> Temperfoam?  Temperfoam recommends three layers, I think gradually getting

Something I didn't have time to mention at the dinner, but you can get 
Temperfoam a lot cheaper than from the vendor that's at the air shows.

They're just reselling what's called CONFOR foam, made by EAR. Last time 
I checked, you could buy directly from EAR and the price for the foam was 
less than half what the Temperfoam people wanted. (Though probably still 
more expensive than those premade seats.) The only problem was a $250 
minimum order. When I checked in '96, a 36x80x1" sheet was $107.64.

David Parrish