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Re: REFLECTOR: NACA air scoop design / No ARMPITS ?

> i was unable to attend sun-n fun, could you (or someone else) expand on this 
> email:
> ".....If this works out it will eliminate arm pit scoops, free up room in 
> lower cowl, make plane go faster (?), maybe make room for small turbocharger 
> (?).  Factory to provide retrofit plans (?)....."
> was this stated at a meeting, or ideas being bounced around between builders. 
> thank you.

These scoops are on the new SUV.  There may possibly be a retrofit
kit available if this one works out okay.

Picture a very large NACA scoop.  Approximately 20 inches long,
six inches wide at the inlet side and two inches deep.  All of
these dimensions are from memory.  I'm sure someone else has the
real numbers.  There are two of these NACA scoops.

The scoop is on the top of the fuselage.  Imagine looking at your 
firewall from the aft end.  There will be two 2"x6" rectangles
cut in your firewall at the top.  The two holes will be separated
by 10" or so.  this is the inlet of the NACA scoop.  the scoops
extend forward of the firewall.  They can be seen from the inside
of the aircraft as ridges.

Hope this helps.

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