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RE: REFLECTOR: More panel discussion

Dear Joe:
    The market is in the certified (TSO and STC) things.  Don't expect any 
of the present experimental only displays to last long.  Either they will 
be certified or they will not survive.  Purchasing an experimental only 
display might be a good investment if later they go for the TSO thing.  If 
they do not and the company folds, you will have a problem.  You can find 
these things by reading the kit airplane mags.
    Sincerely,  Duane Swing

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Hi folks,

When I started this project, I spent many hours studying the Archangel EFIS 
& FMS system and concluded that, while somewhat expensive, it would be
feasible.  However, since that time the company has seen fit to secure a
TSO for these product (which, from first hand experience, only shows that
they are better at bureaucratic paper-pushing than engineering).  Since
that folly needs to be financed through some mechanism, they have chosen to 
set the price for the box well beyond the means of most GA participants;
$30K+ installed for the EFIS alone; sans backups ( Who do they expect to
pay that?).

This leaves me in the annoying position of having to search for a suitable
replacement.  I've been told by Scott Baker (of Velocity West fame) that
there are alternatives out there and that some of our builders are
participating in the development.

Anyone know anything or have suggestions?


Joe Stack