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Re: REFLECTOR: NACA air scoop design / No ARMPITS ?

Hey Peter and All,

	News from Sun-n-Fun, tho I think something was mentioned in V-Views as

	Hang in there if you haven't done your arm pit scoops yet... Factory is
putting two scoops on top of fuselage/firewall junction for downdraft

	If this works out it will eliminate arm pit scoops, free up room in
lower cowl, make plane go faster (?), maybe make room for small
turbocharger (?).  Factory to provide retrofit plans (?).

Jeff Barnes

Peter Beaty wrote:
> Al,
> Do you (or anyone else on Reflector) have a reference for design info for
> NACA scoops?
> Also, how do you know if the area on the fuselage where you want to put the
> NACA inlet is a good "high pressure" point?  The factory inlet for the nose
> cooler seems to be a good place (surface is diverging); but, it also has a
> lot of direct frontal area (ram air), so maybe that's why it works.  The
> converging aft area of the fuselage (approaching the cowl) appears not good
> for a NACA inlet; maybe that's why the armpits (ram air) are used.
> Is the bottom of the fuselage better that the top for a NACA scoop?
> Pete Beaty.