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I am installing my bulk heads and am having trouble with the position
When my kit came it has a hole drilled in the nose but is not in the right
place according to the manual .The hole should be 1 IN. from the front of the
plane. the hole that is there is only about 5/8 inch away.There is a marked spot one
the nose of the fuselage 1 in away. But if I use the  hole that is 1 in away
the canard bulk head has to be forced in to position(Springing the fuselage).
It wants to be about 1/2 back from where it should be according to the manual.
which would be closer to the original hole.
So Do I mount the engine bulk head and gear bulk head  and instrument panel bulk head according to the
1 inch setting and the canard to the 1/2 setting or do I just set every thing to the
original hole and amend the manual
Please help
Ron Needham