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REFLECTOR: Standby vacuum

I have the Precise Flight Standby on the Mooney that I have had for about 
ten years. Chuck's information is correct. Except that you actually have 
to throttle back quite a bit to really totally spin up the gyros. However 
that is not really much of a problem because if you need a burst of power 
for a go around or something, the gyros will take several minutes at full 
throttle before they slow enough to be troublesome.

In the time that I have had the plane, I have used the system once and 
the situation was not really IMC that time. Basically, I turned it on to 
see if it would work. It did work as advertised. I consider it to be a 
good cheap insurance policy. It was never intended to be a limp home 
backup, and it is very good at that.

Don Royer