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>I had the good fortune to test fly with Rick Price (Sierra's original
software guy) their prototype. I >did a couple of instrument approaches
into Cartersville  GA (VPC) with it . It is a damn site >easier to scan.
Too bad I cant afford their new price.

>Wayne Owens

Could you elaborate on that a little bit? Actually seeing the thing or
hearing from someone who actually used it would sure help a lot of us
decide if we should bother. I asked Sierra recently about finding an
airplane with their system installed, and they emailed me about a Baron
in Denver. Unfortunately that's all they said, so I'll have to get back
to them on which of the ten or so airports in the Denver area they are
talking about...

1) Easier to scan than what? A bunch of dials and gauges?
2) How did you like the terrain display?
3) Was the presentation jumpy or flickery?
4) Did they have the mysterious remote indicator?
5) Do you think a heading only display with a separate attitude indicator
would be hard to scan?
6) How about all those boxes and rings in the sky? Useful or clutter?
7) Is it realistic to switch between EFIS and NAV pages (one screen) in
8) Is the pitch and bank information worth doubling the price?
9) Any noticeable lag?
10) Have you run their computer demo? If so, how does the real thing

Anything else?

I suspect none of us can afford this thing, but if we talk about it
enough maybe Sierra or even Archangel will come up with stripped down
versions that we can afford: NAV only, Engine only, Flight Instruments
only, upgradeable combinations thereof, etc. The screens are cheap, as is
a processor; its the solid-state gyros ($10,000+) that are killing us.

Doug Hayes
Velocity 173FG
Boulder, CO

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