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RE: REFLECTOR: Access Panels

> From: owner-reflector@awpi.com [mailto:owner-reflector@awpi.com]On
> Subject: REFLECTOR: Access Panels
> I'm building a 173 FG Elite in Houston, Texas and am
> working on the keel right now.  I was wondering if
> any of you have added extra access panels into the
> keel (or wish that you would have)?  It seems that
> the small holes marked by the factory that are just
> large enough for a wrench will be difficult for
> maintenance and inspections in the future.

Contrary to most others, I haven't put any access holes in my FG keel, other
than the one in front over the nose gear & elevator tube. (I didn't even put
in the small ones on the side the plans call for.) I can pull the speed
brake actuator out of the bottom, and get to both sets of aileron bearings &
bolts. However, if you don't have fairly skinny arms like mine, you will
need extra holes. I have to admit to getting quite a few scratches while
taking things apart and putting them back in. "You pays your money and you
takes your choice" is the phrase, I believe.

 - Chuck