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I'm thinking of starting a book; "Everthing I needed to know, I learned by 
building my Velocity"

Chapter 1

Patience is a virtue.
Be careful what you wish for, it eventually arrives.

Good noise dampening on air compressors, makes good neighbors.

Everyone in the world has either built a model airplane when they were a kid, 
would like to build a real airplane someday or knows someone who was almost 
killed doing so. If you work quietly and don't keep the garage door open too 
much you don't have to listen to them tell you so.

I didn't realize John Denver had so many fans.

Planes are bigger than cars.  They only "seem" smaller cause they fly really 
high. A three car garage does not equal a three plane garage; not even close!  

Positioned correctly, a wing can make an interesting coffee table in a formal 
living room.

Marketing counts.  If I paid for quarter page ads in most aviation magazines 
people might ask, "Hey, Dave what kind of plane is that?" instead of "Hey you, 
is that one of those Velocities?"

"Parts is not Parts".  When the directions say "long" 1/8" rivets it's not 
merely for effect or bragging rights.

The list will grow I'm sure.

David Karas
(now safely shoehorned in my garage)