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RE: REFLECTOR: Access Panels

Merri, welcome to the family...

I cut the holes as larger elliptical shapes and put them where it looked
like they would be useful for maintenance.    I might add more in the
Don't forget to build a second top access plate in the keel between the rear
seats.  Mine extends from about 3" in front of the keel reinforcing bulkhead
to about 12" behind.  It has a cover built just like the top access hole in
front of the panel, also secured by screws and nutplates.

Bill Schweitzer
std RGE
San Jose, Ca

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> Sent:	Wednesday, April 14, 1999 1:50 PM
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> Subject:	REFLECTOR: Access Panels
> My name is Merri Sanchez and I'm new to the reflector emails, so I
> apologize
> if this question has already been asked...
> I'm building a 173 FG Elite in Houston, Texas and am working on the keel
> right now.  I was wondering if any of you have added extra access panels
> into the keel (or wish that you would have)?  It seems that the small
> holes
> marked by the factory that are just large enough for a wrench will be
> difficult for maintenance and inspections in the future.