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Re: REFLECTOR: More panel discussion

Bernard Despins wrote:
> Have you checked out Sierra Flight Systems at:
> http://www.sierraflightsystems.com/

I did, at Sun'n'Fun.
But $29,000 is a little high for my taste, even for true EFIS (I think
they are planning to certify it though).

The non-pitch and non-attitude version is 12,900 - but that can be done
with the new Polaris or Arnav and the FreeFlight Inc software for less
than $4,000.

Oh well, I thought it was going to be a more competitive price, unless
I'm misunderstanding the features or pricing, I guess I'll have to keep

-John Rourke

> Bernard Despins
> Joe Stack wrote:
> > This leaves me in the annoying position of having to search for a suitable
> > replacement.  I've been told by Scott Baker (of Velocity West fame) that
> > there are alternatives out there and that some of our builders are
> > participating in the development.
> >
> > Anyone know anything or have suggestions?