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Re: Re: REFLECTOR: SNF & Panel

At present, the GNS 430 is a 28Volt device. Garmin completely misjudged the 
market. Rumours has it that by Dec. 98 they had fewer than 200 28V systems 
and more than 1800 14V systems on back-order.
In any case, I ordered my 14V system in October of 98 for delivery in 
(Nothing was said about unavailability of 14V systems at the time).
In December I was told that delivery had slipped until February 99. In March 
I was told about the 28V vs 14V problem and was invited to buy a converter at 
Garmin's cost ($260). They said that a 14V system would not be available 
until this summer. I managed to get an installation kit (tray and connectors, 
but no installation manual, - got a copy of the installation manual from 
Anyway, I now have the 430 installed in my panel, minus the instrument. 
Big question is whether the present pinouts for 28V will be the same for 14V.
So far I have not been able to get a solid answer from Garmin. I will wait 
until the summer or until h..l freezes over for the 14V unit. I will fly with 
a Garmin 300XL as a back-up system in the mean time. 
Come visit the electrival/avionics workshop at SNF.
Best regards,
Odd Jorgensen (N190J XL/RG)