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Matt Harrop wrote:
> At 07:50 PM 4/6/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >Your all going to have a real rough time with your ILS approaches with just a
> >GPS.  You better plan on at least one VOR with GS and a marker beacon
> >receiver.  If your plane turns out to be too light then you can always add an
> >ADF as ballast.  An IFR approved approach GPS is expensive and it will take
> >some time for the ILS system to go away so you better plan on it being around
> >for a good long time.
> The GNS-430 includes VOR and GS, and the audio panel will have the marker
> beacon.
> Since the GNS430 has both GPS and VOR, and will be the primary navigation
> instrument, the real question is this:  Would I rather have a backup GPS, or
> a backup VOR?  Or should the stack just include two GNS430s, which would
> provide a backup everything?
> Regards,
> Matt
Isn't the GNS430 a 24 volt device?  Might be improtant.