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In a message dated 4/6/99 3:57:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time, matt@mattcave.ca 

<<  Since the fact is that if you lose your AI in IMC you will
 probably die, >>

Well, I'm glad that I didn't know that "fact" when it happened to me.  I 
guess I wouldn't be here how. NOT TRUE!  I take my instrument ticket 
seriously, and feel that nothing can take place of proficiency practice.  
Sorry guys, but 6 approaches, unspecified holdings, and what ever time it 
takes to accomplish it in six months, isn't enough for the real world.  At 
least not for me and others I fly with.  We already have an electric back-up, 
the turn&bank.  Standby vacuum are relativity cheep versus having an electric 
AI overhauled.  

Higher empty weight = less useful load.

Been there; done that.