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REFLECTOR: Panel instruments

One thing that I picked up on almost immediately from the original post was 
that there is some monetary limitations or concerns here. While the thought 
of two GNC430s is definetly the best way to go, it also about the most 
expensive. Retail on these each unit in near the $!0K mark! I've done enitre 
panels, radios, flight instruments, and engine instruments for $14K. 

If there is a budget to deal with here, and IFR is the objective, in todays 
flying environment a VOR/ILS is a given. Even if this eliminates a panel 
mount GPS.
I would suggest a conventional Com/Nav (King, Narco, whatever), a stand alone 
3 light Mkr Bcn, and a good handheld GPS with moving map. This can all be 
accomplished in the $5 - $6K range and accomodate both IFR and VFR flight 
with GPS precision. (Your GPS can navigate your autopilot from VOR to VOR in 
IFR with the certified Nav being monitored.)

My 2 cents worth.