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At 07:50 PM 4/6/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Your all going to have a real rough time with your ILS approaches with just a
>GPS.  You better plan on at least one VOR with GS and a marker beacon
>receiver.  If your plane turns out to be too light then you can always add an
>ADF as ballast.  An IFR approved approach GPS is expensive and it will take
>some time for the ILS system to go away so you better plan on it being around
>for a good long time.

The GNS-430 includes VOR and GS, and the audio panel will have the marker

Since the GNS430 has both GPS and VOR, and will be the primary navigation 
instrument, the real question is this:  Would I rather have a backup GPS, or
a backup VOR?  Or should the stack just include two GNS430s, which would
provide a backup everything?