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Re: REFLECTOR: Flush door handles

I don't think that SNF or OSH make any difference having worked booths at
both since 1992.  You can bargain at either and make good deals at both.  SNF
has the advantage of generally being a little more laid back and you can get
more time to talk to vendors.  The old rule applies, look early in the week
and buy late.  Most vendors will have lowered prices due to competition and
don't want to repack and haul the stuff back home.  The new rule also applies
that it will be cheaper tomorrow.

Many companies (electronics) will sell you the trays, manuals and connectors
so you can build your panel and harnesses without buying the radios to
start.  This lets you hold off for the latest versions of the equipment.  The
Panel Planner program is an excellent buy and will allow you to lay out your
panel any number of ways without any equipment.  It is a great way to start
and a $100 well spent.  See them at the show if you have never seen this
program.  Make sure that they have the UPDATED and accurate dimension panels
for the Velocity.


Bill Huene wrote:

> Noticed in the recent Velocity Views, that a flush door handle "kit" was
> used...
> Any information pro or con to that type of installation?
> p.s. re: taking a checkbook to SNF for avionic deals, I have been "told"
> that more economical transactions happen at Oshkosh - That is what I have
> "heard" no warranties are expressed or implied
> Thanks
> Bill Huene


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