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Just a thought,  consider replacing your GPS/com with the new Garmin
GPS/Nav/Com with a CDI.  That will give you in one box two navigational
modes and a com.  Your handhelds will provide you with current backup
for each of the modes and will leave you plenty of room for future
backups in your panel.  The down side is of course cost.  Take a deep
breath before you jump.  BTW the new Garmin has a moving map and is in
color to help pilot work load by making the data easier to digest.  I
wish this new box was available when I purchased my avionics (KX-155
w/GS, KI-209, KLX-135A, KT-76, KMA-24 and PM-2000).

Dennis Peterson
173 FG   N173V

>From: 	Jack & Marilou[SMTP:jack_marilou@reedergraphics.com]
>I am not IFR rated but wish for my machine to be basic IFR. Originally, I was
>going to have a Bendix/King KX-125 Nav/Com w/ CDI & Glide Slope (later,
>I would ad a GPS/com such as the Garmin). I have a handheld GPS 90 that
>I would use in the mean time. I also have a handheld transciever for
>backup Com and Nav (it has a CDI built in). Eventually, this would give
>me 2 Comms, 1 Nav, 1GPS plus my handhelds.
>But, I was wondering if I shouldn't just skip the King Nav/Com and buy
>the GPS/Com instead, avoiding the weight & cost of the King, and not
>bother with the Nav at all. I would still have my handheld GPS & Com/Nav
>as backup.
>Can anyone help with these issues?