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Depends on the type of IFR you are considering.  Regs say you need navigation 
equipment appropriate for the ground facilities to be used.  Of course GPS is 
not a ground facility, but why quibble.  You don't have to have any particular 
nav instruments unless you plan to use that type of approach or navigation.  
Personally I'm not ready to abandon VOR nav and switch to GPS exclusively so I 
plan on having both.  I am ready to scrap the NDB though fo find them handy at 
airports with no other method of getting in.  If you don't have stereo they are 
also handy to tune in AM stations.

Your altimeter must be a "sensitive" altimeter (about $100 more than 

Strongly suggest a heated pitot tube. Installation of some sort of windscreen 
defroster is advisable so it's not VFR outside when you break out and IFR in the 

Stand-by vaccuum system is a must in my book, though is not legally required.

Second radio is also strongly advised since you'll need to pick up atis info 
without dropping the current controller.

Of course, exterior lighting suitable for night flight.  If you were going with 
strobes only I would recommmend a beacon as well.  You'll want to turn off the 
strobes in clouds.

With all this good stuff running, think about heavy electrical loads.

Make sure your clock has a second hand for timing approaches. Unlikely you'll 
use it but it's required.  I have a lcd digital timer function in my clock 
whihch is easy to operate and more functional than doing the math with a second 

A big ol' pocket to stuff charts, pens, pads flashlights and backup batteries.

The wings leveler is a good idea, I use one frequently along with a heading bug. 
 I haven't used an altitude hold yet so can't speak for that.

Some premium space reserved for your __________(fill in the blank)lucky rabbit's 
foot, rosary or other religious icon)  The difference between praying in church 
and praying in the cockpit is that when you pray in the cockpit you REALLY mean 

Good Luck!

David Karas
XLRG (somewhere (in a trailer) west of Texas enroute to Tracy, CA

> Can anyone help with these issues?
> My panel, at the moment, will consist of the following:
> Garmin GPS/com
> X-ponder
> RMI engine monitor
> Audio Panel (PMA-6000/M-S ?)
> Navaid Wings Leveler
> Airspeed
> Horizon Indicator
> DG
> Alt.
> Backup PTT
> Clock
> Suggestions welcome!
> Thanks everyone,
> Jack Reeder
> jack@reedergraphics.com
> http:/www.reedergraphics.com