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I can't wait for SNF and was wondering if it is a good place to bring my
checkbook and look for bargains on avionics and radios. Or am I just as
well to purchase through any other source--leave the checkbook at home
and enjoy the show?

Will anyone be flying their Velocity that would be interest in giving a
ride to my wife and I? I have flown in the factory's FG demo, my wife
has not flown in one at all. We will be at the show Thursday.

I am not IFR rated but wish for my machine to be basic IFR. I just don't
quite have the big picture for what is necessary. Martin's article in
the V.V. was helpful, but I still have a question. Originally, I was
going to have a Bendix/King KX-125 Nav/Com w/ CDI & Glide Slope (later,
I would ad a GPS/com such as the Garmin). I have a handheld GPS 90 that
I would use in the mean time. I also have a handheld transciever for
backup Com and Nav (it has a CDI built in). Eventually, this would give
me 2 Comms, 1 Nav, 1GPS plus my handhelds.

But, I was wondering if I shouldn't just skip the King Nav/Com and buy
the GPS/Com instead, avoiding the weight & cost of the King, and not
bother with the Nav at all. I would still have my handheld GPS & Com/Nav
as backup. I assume you can hook the CDI to the GPS, is this correct?
(Garmin type) Then, if I found I was flying enough IFR (I have to get
rated first) I could install a Com/Nav for backup.

Can anyone help with these issues?

My panel, at the moment, will consist of the following:
Garmin GPS/com
RMI engine monitor
Audio Panel (PMA-6000/M-S ?)
Navaid Wings Leveler
Horizon Indicator
Backup PTT

Suggestions welcome!

Thanks everyone,
Jack Reeder