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Re: REFLECTOR: oil temp

john daniel cowan wrote:
> I was thinking about the same thing for an oil cooler exit door. aluminum
> rod which would
> be coiled like a thermostat, (calibrated in the oven with a thermometer
> across a 160-220 degree range), to automatically push open or pull closed an
> exit flap.

I do not see how a curled rod of aluminum will do what you want.
Those coiled thermostats are made out of 2 metals, and it is the
difference between the coefficients of expansion of the 2 metals
which results in the substantial movement required to open and close
a door.

Rene' writes:
>The thermostat on a VW Does this Exactly and is almost bullet proof
>from what I here.  When I find one at the junker I post demension 
>and wt.

Yes, I think I would consider this existing solution as well. Easy
to find parts make for easy experiments and measurements. Custom
built parts lead to one-of-a-kind results.