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Re: REFLECTOR: Oil pressure question

In a message dated 4/4/99 9:18:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time, J42AL@aol.com 

> On the return line I planed on installing a check valve in both return 
>  back to the engine to make sure their is no feed back to one or the other 
>  cooler. Does that sound like a good approach?


My experiences with checkvalves and control solenoids for aircraft indicate 
that they are prone to long term failure. Provided you have covered all of 
the contingencies with regards to inflight failure of each and every 
component, both singularly and jointly, in the system and are comfortable 
with your conclusions, your approach sounds OK to me. It should go without 
saying though, the more things you have inline with your oil system, the more 
things that can go wrong.

Such systems that are designed are sometime not thouroughly run "through the 
ringer" and an inflight failure that was not antisipated can become a moment 
(or more) of real panic. 

It is important to check the proper operation of each component at minimum 
every annual.