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REFLECTOR: Oil pressure question

Since I do not yet have my IO540 or a manual for it I'm trying to plan ahead.

A couple of questions: The oil lines going to and from the oil cooler: 
1. Are those line pressurized and if so what is the line pressure in PSI? 
2. What is the flow rate and what size line are normally used?
3. What is the max. possible operating temp (aside from fire)?

I was planing on using a 3- way, 12VDC solenoid valve on the supply to the 
oil cooler, the default flow of which is to the cooler in the wing; the 
solenoid energized switches the flow to oil cooler #2 for cabin heat. Added 
to that is a by-pass line parallel to the 3-way valve default flow with a 
thermo relief valve to feed the wing cooler in the event of engine high temp. 
On the return line I planed on installing a check valve in both return lines 
back to the engine to make sure their is no feed back to one or the other 
cooler. Does that sound like a good approach? Based on the CV factor needed 
(flow and pressure across the 3-way valve) I can size the valve accordingly.

Coments please/

John Leder
(N203SM to be/XL RG)