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RE: REFLECTOR: oil temp

> From: 	James F. Agnew[SMTP:Jim_Agnew@ibm.net]
> Subject: 	Re: REFLECTOR: oil temp
> Hi John, I have drop doors about 1" x 3" on each side of my Lycoming
> plenum (the
> little penthouse area with the angled flat side facing the valve covers.
> The doors
> are made of kevlar and a small piece of aileron hinge.  Testing with a
> leaf blower
> shows that they will blow close easily since a small bolt limits them to
> the
> vertical position when open.  This will vent the plenum and convection
> should do
> the work.
> I have a similar door on the top of my cowling which is intended to drop
> in when I shut down the engine to allow updraft cooling of the accessory
> section of the engine.  It is over the back of my engine where the mags
> and vacuum pump are located and where there is high pressure in flight.
> The door hinge limits opening to about 30-45 degrees so it closes with
> pressure from the inlet flow in flight.  It works well.  Here is a crude
> drawing:
>  <<...>> 
> ----------