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Re: REFLECTOR: Two sided glue tape?

hi david   i have one of their IO 360's which took forever to find a
suitable crank due to the adulterated gas thing afew years ago when
everybody was directed to rebuild. tour of the factory was very
informative...clean and thorough. you might ask about how they inspect the
hollow in the cranks as i am fuzzy on that. i did not choose the black heat
dissapating paint and ran hot, eventually putting in another oil cooler. i
dont think the paint would have helped but who really knows?  when an AD
about piston bolts was issued i helped tear down the engine and it did not
contain the suspect parts. they were reasonable about paying for the
rebuild, eventually giving me 1300 of the 1900
$ it cost me at the local shop. it has run fine 125hrs.
        yours truly   bill hunt

bill hunt