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Re: REFLECTOR: oil temp

NMFlyer1@aol.com wrote:
>    I was considering adding an exit type cowl scoop to my upper cowling ( only
> if needed of course). The prop should help pull the hot air through the exit
> scoop and get some circulation through the cowling.  I'm not sure anyone has
> tried this yet, but it is simple, and causes no drag when up at cruise speeds.
> I'll let you know how it works out.
>   Any other input in this area would be appreciated. I'd better get out to the
> hangar and back to sanding.
> Kurt Winker
> 173 FGE-4.3L Chev
Dear Kurt,
I was planning hinged doors top and bottom of cowl attached to heat
variable rods from and old VW.  They elongate when hot and open the
doors and shorten to close when cooler(at cruise).  Pros and Cons?