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Re: REFLECTOR: keeping warm

HYTEC45@aol.com wrote:
>  >>>Hi Jim,
>  >>>I'm a surgeon and we wear cool suits with 3 mm silastic tubes sewn into
>  >>>the vest and leggins for cooling.  Works very well.  I likewise have
>  >>>plans for electric seat warmers and cool pad in seat running ice water
>  >>>from 1/2 gal cooler with hand squeeze pump such as on an outboard motor.
> >>>Thanks,
> >>>Rene' Dugas
> >>>Monroe, La.
>   >>
> Is it irritating to anyone else having to read through all the attached
> replies to find the new reply at the very bottom?  I it was mentioned a year
> or more ago to limit the copying when replying.  A small cut&paste should do
> if refreshing the topic is necessary.
> Sorry for the somewhat negative 

I did not know how to trim the message.  I have since learned so your
jab was even useful to my adventure to perfection.