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REFLECTOR: Out the door

>Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 23:25:02 -0500
>To: gpoole@zeta.org.au, Reflector
>From: Gilles & Denise Gratton <gratton@magma.ca>
>Subject: Out the door
>Hi Greg,
>          It sounds like you have a very narrow door. Mine is 108 in. and
I only had about an inch to spare on both sides. I had to break my cement
floor only to allow the fixed gear to drop into while we lifted the plane
diagonally and backwards through the door. With a retractable gear, you
would not have to deal with the gear, just retract it. 
>        You may want to break the floor near the door frame on one side to
increase the height of your opening thus allowing your carry-thru spar to
come through. Make yourself a template using 1 X 3 lumber (12 feet long X 8
in. wide)  to mimic the spar and you will be able to determine exactly how
deep you will have to dig. Cut out a cardboard template duplicating the end
of your strake and nail this at the end of your jig. If this comes through
the door without touching then the fuselage will come through even with the
fuel strakes on.  Get enough help to lift the airplane easily with one or
two people left over to confirm the clearance. After all you would not want
to chip the paint off your nice garage door with a miserable airplane.(By
the way, these helpers will probably cost you a case of beer)
                                                    I will not be attending
Sun n Fun this year.  I live in Canada, in Embrun, 25 miles east of Ottawa.
 If you travel in this area, it would be very nice to meet with you.
>Cheers, Gilles