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Re: REFLECTOR: window coverings

Hi Jack,
	Tell us you did or did not send a second email to the REFLECTOR, same
subject as this note, but just containing 1 executable file called
HAPPY99.EXE.  Chuck Caldarele's virus scanner noted that file as a
My guess is you did NOT knowingly send that file, but the virus on the
machine you sent that email from DID send it.

Thanks, Jeff Barnes

Jack Hayes wrote:
> This afternoon I tried to remove some sticky stuff on my truck windshield,
> that was used to hold a compass on.
> The product I used is called Goo Gone.  Its sales pitch says that it removes
> stickers, grease,gum, Tar,tape, etc.
> I can only attest to the fact , that on glass it did a very good job with
> the material I had on my windshield.
> I am not close to my project so I am unable to see how well it would do with
> duct tape residue on a windshield. I might add that there is a caution on
> the bottle that states it might dull some plastics. As far as I know this is
> available at most hardware stores. I'll be able to test it out in a few
> weeks when I return to my project.