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Re: REFLECTOR: Out the door

>Hi fellows,
>             Well yesterday was the day that my just completed 173 FG Elite
>finally came out of my garage (big garage with 3 small 9 X 7 doors). Here`s
>how I did it.....
>        Then came the muffins, cheeses, patees,fruits and coffee. And the
>usual debriefing and plain shooting the ..... that one usually witnesses
>around airplanes.
>Cheers,    Gilles

Hi from "Down Under" - Gilles,

Like how you said all that!

I too have the problem of getting a Std RG E out of a garage with  2 doors
each only 93.5" wide x 86.5"high. I have not mounted my carry thru spar to
date for fear of having to remove the bricks in the side wall of my garage
which is on the bottom floor of my house and was subsequently looking for a
hangar (50 mins drive from home...not real desirable!). I didn't even
contemplate excavating thru the concrete - that puts a whole new "slant"
(sic) on the situation. Your garage at 108" is a little wider than mine

Are you going to Sun'n'Fun/the Velocity banquet? Would love to see your
short video of "the extraction" if you are. If there is a chance  of
meeting up; I will also be travelling around Florida and back to DC with
Dave Black and then will frequent V. West and parts of Sacramento for a few
days on my return.

I leave for your part of the world on Wednesday next (your Tuesday) so if
you could drop me an email soon it sure would be appreciated.



Greg Poole
(Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ P/L