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Re: REFLECTOR: Antenae

To Reeder Graphics Inc.

My Velocity 173RGE is flying and all systems are good. I have the Dynamic
Wings which had antenna already installed.

During SWR testing before final assembly, we found the readings to be less
than optimal but within the range of acceptability.

We made no changes to the antenna and our radios are performing perfectly in
terms of range of trasmission and reception. Nav antenna applies only to one
VOR on board and it works as well as any I have seen.

I would check with Alan or a radio/electronics expert as to which coax is

My plane has been flying since August 1998. Based in Chattanooga, TN, I have
flown to the Bahamas, Florida, the Carolinas and the Georgia coast.

Good test of the avionics eh?

Happy Building

Mark                                  N98TF   Velocity 173RGE