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Re: REFLECTOR: wing leveler

Don,  appears you've had some experience with the Navaid.  How about
holding altitude, w/o an alt. hold feature?

I would like to go with Navaid, but am also interested in making life
easier in IMC.  I'm wondering whether the extra bucks are warrented to go
S-Tec.  Comments?

Pete Beaty
RG-E a-buildin'

At 05:31 PM 3/9/99 -0500, Donald R. WHITE wrote:
>I highly recommend both Navaid Devices AP-1 Autopilot 

 PS   I use the Navaid in Wing Level or Track Mode about 90%
>of the time I am flying. Turns made with the "Turn" knob are much easier
>than using the stick.