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      As others have stated more eloquently than I, there are
different standards of expectation regarding the Velocity kit. I see
no reason to denegrate one builder whose expectation was somewhat
higher than yours or mine.  There may be others to "shy" to speak up,
especially in view of the present criticisms. 
     The whole point of the reflector is to encourage communication
between and among builders. Mr. Noble's response certainly promoted
that. And frankly, I, for one, am now going to look at the possibility
of providing the keel access port mentioned by another builder so that
I won't have to spend 20 hours removing the instrument panel to
inspect the bearing mount (thanks to Mr. Noble for raising the issue
and thanks to Bob Kuc for the suggestion).
        The reflector is certainly not the place for useless
negativism and is just as certainly not the place for velocity
advertisements. Because we all view the same thing from different
perspectives, those views are different and, because they are
different, they can be, and often are, useful to the rest of us.  Keep
the comments coming.