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You may recall some discussion here in months past about getting back that
front seat elbow room that was given up in favor of the easy entry Elite
doors.  I chose the route of doing the normal elite strake installation, and
making a new part for on the door that extends the strake forward to near
the front edge of the door.

I have completed the molds, made the strake extensions and installed them on
the airplane.  I'm pleased with the results.  Looks good (a bit of the
Berkut look); provides good arm room; sticks out from the door the same as
on the usual Elite and adds little or no weight (the new parts weigh about
as much as the strake part it replaces and the cut out in the door).

This, of course also requires some rearrangement of the latch rods.  I think
I had posted some photos previously of the latch rod mod.

More info and photos at http://home.utm.net/alventur/strakext.htm  (Be a
little patient, the photos will take a little time to load.)  Finish work
hasn't been done yet so things are still in the rough.

I can provide parts for others interesting in making this mod.

Al Gietzen  RGE